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Secret Love

It is official: k-dramas have taken over this blog. I’ve now moved most other posts elsewhere… the pieces of memoir, the rambling preparations for contemplative group endeavors, reflections on my own character arc. Instead, drama characters will remain my fractal meditations here, at least for a while. My intention isn’t to limit to K-drama, but it IS 95% of my viewing these days.

Tonight, I’ve been watching content I turned away from previously – an overtly tragic piece that makes me feel in ways I don’t often indulge in. After all, stories come from somewhere… from experiences and histories, no matter how altered. So if handled well, they connect us to something real.

There is a limit to how much vicarious sorrow I can endure as valuable, however. I never felt that Job’s fortune and progeny being multiplied at the end of the Biblical story was redemption, for instance, or somehow equaled his losing everything – especially for the sake of a bet. And the first half of Secret has a similar feel to Job’s story … unreasonable and unjustifiable suffering heaped upon mostly one character – first, second, and third arrow suffering, in a barrage.

secret love ji sung

Lesser actors would have lost me a few episodes in, but the show does have, as it alludes to, a strong Wuthering Heights sensibility that makes sense for the context and slowly becomes quite meaningful. Plus, it features a a ballad, sung by Ji Sung, that I first heard in another context and fell completely in love with.