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Or Not…

What unfortunately strange direction and editing choices for Moon Lovers, Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

After seeming to know exactly what makes for the best experience and  heart-moving story, the close ups and sloppy flashbacks this week were hard to bear. Kang Ha Neul is a beautiful person, but I don’t need to be in his nostrils.


I still like the story… still like the actors. A lot. They just should have kept that good story long, and less compromised, chopped into fewer bits. “Maybe the director doesn’t know what to do with bodies” said my son, who had tried to watch with me a second time. It took him ten minutes in to mention how overdone the close-ups are, and how almost wonderful it all is.

There are fantastic commentaries on a few sites, that go into what a strongly written female story this is at its core, in spite of early attention paid to the group of princes. I still look forward to it all week, but wow can’t we have at least a few more Episode 11s??

This is not about Dear My Friends

I tried not to watch Dear My Friends. I’ve been wondering lately, if Korean TV isn’t making me a little too thoughtful, a little too melancholy, but that might have been just the feeling of watching 3 episodes of this emotionally affecting drama, in a row.

dear my friends
(image: Dramabeans)

For most of my youth, I wasn’t interested in deep historical details, nor in characterizations of one nationality in contrast to another. My impression had been that those who greatly concerned themselves that way were less tolerant of others in the present, thus less likely to move forward. Which is not to say I was disinterested in the undercurrents underlying patterns in politics and world events along the way.

However, historical dramas sparked something new. Suddenly I needed to know details about the Korean turtle boat. I needed to better understand Soviet dynamics at the end of WW2. And I wanted to understand the feelings that linger between various countries, of justice denied, acknowledgements withheld… why some seem to have a greater emphasis on justice, or revenge.

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