Who Exactly, Are You?

[Spoilers for re-watch, episodes 8, 9, 10]

CiTT in order.

It might have worked a number of ways, actually. Here in the middle episodes we may have been able to shift away from Jung/Seol for a while, and to consider In Ho/Seol. We could have been honestly torn, and come to accept a change of heart, or have backed up enough from both to see them growing up in parallel through unique challenges.

However, for In Ho to supplant Jung in Seol’s affections, the writer would have had to start solving Jung for us in another way by now…


Episode 10 seems like The In Ho Drama. His story begins not only to replace Jung’s, but Seol’s…. his feelings for her, the restoration of his musical expression and return to school. In ho is everywhere… with Seol’s family in the restaurant, in the storage room with the piano, on the train together, in the school library being tutored by her, in the school hallways going to and from piano lessons, walking her home.


Which is still pretty okay, because he is very sweet, and we (okay, I) only expect this to go on for an episode or two before we get back to:


Seol and Jung are taking a break. She can’t process the different impressions she is receiving of him, nor his inflexibility, and is trying to keep hold of her own instincts… setting limits with Min Soo her wannabe, and acting to hold her stalker accountable.


Her methods are in contrast to Jung’s in being less steely and secretive, also in working with others rather than avoiding or using them, but she is pushing back.

Occasionally they cross paths. Occasionally Jung gestures toward her. She is actively waiting for him to reflect… to meet her half way by showing understanding of what she is working so hard to express. He is taking too long.

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